Thursday, July 31, 2008

Screw Airtran

So we made it to San Francisco safely and with no problems... except that our bag decided not to show. So we've been hanging out in San Francisco, which is absolutely awesome, but we can't fully enjoy ourselves knowing that our bag is not with us. If anybody out there knows anybody who works for Airtran, kick/punch them in the face for us... cause right now I can't even bitch them out over the phone because they don't answer! Besides the slight hang up with the only piece of luggage we have, everything is going awesome!!! spirits are high. Tomorrow we fly to Hong Kong, perhaps in the same clothes we've been wearing since Wednesday.

Erik out. Nick is out too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Till November

Hey everybody. If I haven't talked to you in the past few months let me get you up to speed.
Starting tomorrow, July 30th, Erik and I are taking a trip around the world (that still sounds strange to say). We will be gone until the beginning of November.

Our Itinerary:
We are flying out of San Francisco Friday afternoon and arriving in Hong Kong Saturday afternoon. From there we will travel to Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, and Scotland. We are flying back to the US on November 1st.

So you may be thinking, "Why a trip around the world?" or "You're 23, get a job" or "I wish the McRib would come back to McDonalds." Well let me explain.
I graduated a year ago and worked this past year as a graphic designer around Raleigh. After about a month working in a cubicle I decided I needed to do something crazy. I needed to take a trip. Since I never studied abroad in school and have never been overseas, I decided to take 3 months and go around the world. After a year and a lot of research, our trip was set.
As far as the McRib thing goes, I totally agree. I could definitely go for a McRib right now.

Now, since my laziness in making a listserve out weighs my distaste for blogging, I decided to create this travel blog. We will be updating this site throughout our trip, posting photos, videos, and possibly the occasional fund solicitation. Feel free to comment on anything or send us emails. We will both be checking our emails at internet cafes throughout our trip.
Well I guess that's about it. See you on the flipside.

In the meantime here's a video of my 15 yr old dog Champ. Enjoy.